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Outstanding quality and technical perfection!

Founded in 1974 Germany, Kränzle is currently one of the leading high-pressure cleaner brands worldwide. They are also well-known for their other products such as industrial vacuum cleaners and hand power sweepers. This takes care of cleaning in industry and even in home professionally.

As of now, Kränzle is part of an extensive global network with their products being represented in more than 70 nations in the world. With quality being the most important within Kränzle, their in-house research, development, production and logistic teams department are highly committed in ensuring that their products meet the worldwide requirements.Yun Loong Global aim to bring you the latest technology of Kränzle products with the best price, customer service and maintenance all the way from Europe.

High Pressure Cleaner Family K1050

Professional quality at a very competitive price!

The new high pressure cleaners Kränzle K 1050 offer professional quality for all your pressure washing needs around your home and garden at a very competitive price.

K 1050 P

K 1050 TS

K 1050 TST

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

High-pressure cleaners portable

The portable Kranzle high-pressure cleaners are distinguished by convenient and compact design as well as by their robust everyday suitability.

HD 7/122

The Small Power Packs

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

The small power packs are Kranzle's response to the demand for powerful cold water HP cleaners that take steps and rough ground in their stride and enjoy great acceptance among quality oriented private users.

K 1152 TS

K 1152 TST

The NEW X-Line

NEW Pressure Washer Generation

The remarkable construction of the New X-Line raises the combination of design and functionality to a new level




The K 2000-series

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

The Kranzle K 2000 line is perfectly geared to your various requirements of highly powerful pressure cleaning machines. Slow running 1400 rpm electric motors with a power intake of up to 3.3 kW in conjunction with working pressures of up to 180 bar provide first class results.

K 2160 TST

K 2195 TST

K 2175 TST

Kranzle Quadro-series

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners 

The Kränzle quadro series combines all advantages from the Profi series and, due to its double axle chassis and its 4 wheels, sets a new benchmark with regard to stability while offering highest conformity during operations that require frequent change of position. 

quadro 799 TST

quadro 1000 TST

quadro 11/140 TST

The Profi-Jet series

High-pressure cleaners with petrol engine (portable)

The integrated trolley takes rough ground in its stride with its fail-safe wheels. The basic version of the Profi-Jet B 13/150 is intended as a portable machine.

Profit-Jet B 13/150

Kranzle Therm C

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners 

Compact design, operating pressure up to 180 bar, large wheels with wide solid rubber tyres and shock absorbing buffers, front and rear – this is what characterizes the Kränzle therm C hot water-machines.

therm C 11/130

therm C 13/180

Kranzle Ventos 30 E / L & 20 E / L

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The wet and dry Kränzle Ventos E/L vacuum cleaners are real allrounders equipped with perfect technology. Their innovative design principle enables a significantly better use of the filter bag in comparison with other suppliers. And the electronically adjustable vacuum power control serves to provide only as much suction power as is needed for the job.

Ventos 30 E / L


Ventos 20 E / L

Hand Power Sweeper 2 + 2

Kranzle Double Roller Sweeper

The Kränzle hand power sweepers are the absolute test winners at the ETM test and impress with their extremely efficient dirt holding capacity. The counter-rotating side brushes of the Kränzle 2 + 2 virtually sweep the dirt into the 40 l large storage bin.

Sweeper 2 + 2

170728 Kranzle Certs.jpg

Kränzle Certificates & Features

Sales and service- Kranzle-01.jpg
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Kranzle - Sales and Service

Professional support and dedicated service!

Our after sales support provides full maintenance and repair of your equipment ensuring a peace of mind and makes Kranzle the preferred band in industrial cleaning equipment in Malaysia.

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