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Kranzle - Leading High Pressure Cleaner & Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia

Outstanding quality and technical perfection!

Founded in 1974 Germany, Kränzle is currently one of the leading high-pressure cleaner brands worldwide. They are also well-known for their other products such as industrial vacuum cleaners and hand power sweepers. This takes care of cleaning in industry and even in home professionally.

As of now, Kränzle is part of an extensive global network with their products being represented in more than 70 nations in the world. With quality being the most important within Kränzle, their in-house research, development, production and logistic teams department are highly committed in ensuring that their products meet the worldwide requirements.Yun Loong Global aim to bring you the latest technology of Kränzle products with the best price, customer service and maintenance all the way from Europe.

High Pressure Cleaner Family K1050

Professional quality at a very competitive price!

Innovative design, technical development and advanced manufacturing processes, the K 1050 series offer unparalleled quality with the compactness and elegance desired by the non-commercial user looking for both premium quality and value for money