Quality, the right choice

" Quality start with you "

Yun Loong Global is proud to showcase our portfolio of brands which extends globally across different industries, of which we are the authorized distributor. We are very proud to be able to provide consumers in Malaysia all their needs from different parts of the globe.

Kränzle Germany has been known worldwide as the manufacturer of high quality products of  high pressure cleaner. Here in Yun Loong, we provide a wide range of consumer and professional products.

As professional power tools, Sencan supplies the right tools just for you. We provide wide range of Sencan high performance quality power tools including angle grinder, mixer, cordless drill, electric drill, chain saw, cut-off machine and many more...

Airpower Compressors are manufactured using only the highest possible quality components. Each compressor is certified and tested before shipping so once plugged in, it is ready for operation.

eledelta new.jpg

EleDelta motors exert the CEMEP-EU Standard (High efficiency level) and are embedded with the fine touches of today technologies together with great finishing.