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Eledelta motors exerts the CEMEP-EU Standard (High efficiency level) and are embedded with the fine touches of today's technologies together with great finishing. Eledelta motors are aware with the market demands and are committed in providing the best induction motors that is needed. Our motors are:

1) High efficiency which saves energy cost

2) Tropicalised finishing results in greater endurance

3) Large terminal box with common swap-over position

4) Highly insulated board condition with well pleanish accessories and anti-rust glands

5) Threaded shaft for extra fastening safely and convenience

6) Manufactured with high quality materials and induction plate

Threaded shaft
terminal box.jpg
Large terminal box
Quality core & winding
Anti-rust treated
Covered grease nipple

Reduce Power Lost

Reduce power loss, hence enable to save cost of electricity

Long term benefit with quick return of cost invested

Compliance to energy saving campaign

Generate Higher Operation Torque


Generate higher operation torque

Produce greater starting and operation performance

Withstand higher inconsistency drive force

Quick Glance Comparison

Eledelta Motor Applications

a. Rubber mill
b. Blower fan maker
c. Pump project
d. Quarry plant
e. Oil mill - 2019-03-26T103658
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